Australian Plastics offers the expertise and design capabilities to create the most innovative answer to your food packaging needs. In addition to our innovative designs, the diversity of materials that Australian Plastics can offer our customers allow us to address all of our customers needs. Any of our Thermoformed trays can be redesigned to fit your specifications.

For example the new "Sausage" Tray below.

Our customer wanted something where the sausages would be able to be packed into the supermarket shelving sitting up on an angle without the sausages clumping in the bottom of the tray. Our innovative team came up with this latest design where the tray will fit 6 sausages. Each tray has been compartmented to accommodate the sausages. The sausages nest in their own compartment without sliding around whilst maintaining a presentable and inviting product.



ITEM NO: 8535S6 

SIZE: 8 x 5 x 35" (205mm x 135mm x 35mm)



STANDARD COLOURS: Clear, Black, Green (Custom Available)


CARTON QTY: 525 Trays Per Carton

PALLET QTY: 30 CARTONS (15,750 Trays)

MOQ: 1 Pallet